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Wallpaper Decorating Tips

How to Create a PaperIllusion Covered Picture Frame

Craft Project - Paper Illusion Picture Frame
Here's what you need to get started:

  • Paper maché frame and/or mat
  • PaperIllusion
  • Water in a bowl or tray
  • Terry towel
  • Scissors or razor knife
  • Water-based urethane finish (optional)

Directions:  Use a thin, inexpensive frame and cover the inner mat, or create a more dramatic piece by covering a frame that has a broader outside area. If covering the outside of the frame, select one that has a wider area to cover. A craft store that carries paper maché products is an excellent place to find an inexpensive frame that has a wider "coverable" edge. If the outside edge of the frame is narrow, then consider creating your own PaperIllusion-covered mat to place within the frame.

Covering A Frame:

  1. Tear PaperIllusion into strips and pieces. All of the corners and edges will be wrapped, so the straight edges should be either torn off or wrapped to the back of the frame.
  2. Dip pieces of PaperIllusion in water, and lightly blot pasted side on a terry towel to remove excess water.
  3. Position paper on the frame, then wipe with a terry towel.
  4. Begin by randomly placing pieces of PaperIllusion in a patchwork style on the frame, allowing each piece to slightly dry before overlapping another piece.
  5. Try to wrap edges to the back, rather than trimming an outside edge. You may also wrap a torn edge to the front of the frame. Just remember that no straight edges should be visible on the front of the frame. Straight edges are more likely to lift if positioned on the straight area of the frame.
  6. Trim corners rather than folding PaperIllusion onto both sides. If the paper feels too bulky, peel it back and either tear or trim so the corners are finished with a neat, tight wrap.

Covering A Mat:

  1. Tear small pieces of PaperIllusion, starting with some straight-edged pieces. Dip pieces in water and lightly blot pasted side on a terry towel to remove excess water. Do not get the mat too wet.
  2. Many mats come with a gold inner trim. Place the straight edges of PaperIllusion against the gold inner trim or against the inside edge of the mat.
  3. As each piece is positioned, wipe with a terry towel before overlapping the next piece. Too much water can case the mat to buckle when dry.
  4. Allow pieces to set for a few minutes, and then trim off the outside edge with scissors or razor knife.
  5. Allow mat to dry, then place inside frame with your favorite photograph.

Protecting The PaperIllusion Surface:

There is no need to add a protective coating to the PaperIllusion surface unless the frame will be in an area that will receive frequent handling or if you want the surface to shine. If desired, you may coat the PaperIllusion surface with two coats of water-based urethane, which can be purchased at a local paint or hardware store. The urethane finish will accent the torn edges.

Use these instructions as a guideline for a variety of other decorating craft projects. Just use your imagination and some PaperIllusion to create many beautiful decorative accessories.

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